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New Beginnings

I love the fall. I also associate it with new beginnings. This year more then ever it is a signal to self to start implementing self care into my daily routines. Fall is a time of change, hyper mobility, coolness, dryness , that erratic up and down of temperatures and winds . The leaves are a perfect example. In the fall we see the leaves change from the deep reds and yellow of accumulated heat of the summer to decay as the moisture dries up, the colour fades and the leaves slowly fall to the ground being pushed around by the fall winds.

At the studio it is also a time of increased activity as people once again venture inside and with enthusiasm , (at least for the first few weeks,) sign up for their weekly classes . This year has been like no other and as September approaches i also look forward to the routine of teaching indoors , resuming an in studio routine and implementing

more nourishing practices that not only feed the physical body but more importantly the mental body , the spirit , the soul.

Fall is a time to set myself up for the cold winter months ahead and a time to appreciate those last summer days , the earthy smells of the leaves, the final push for harvest, and a promise to self to tend to myself as i and only I am responsible for me.

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