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COVID: Blessing or curse

The question may be can we forge opportunity out of crisis? Can we do the same from isolation? . Out of this self imposed isolation can come fear, and anxiety. We must try to be brave and face that fear, feel our pain, acknowledge it, honour it, distill it, digest it and use it to propel us forward . Out of isolation comes the good , the bad and the ugly. The more we can metabolize this experience without brushing over the surface of it, the healthier our return will be. Self isolation has peeled away the coating and exposed some ugly truths about our human experiences. These experiences can then become lodged and swallowed and shut in only to fester into deeper psychological and physical wounds. With ever bad must come good. COVID has given each of us opportunity to self reflect and slow down. It is up to each of us how we take this new found reality to show up in our lives for those we love ,, those who we know and just as importantly those we do not know. COVID has shown us how much one behaviour thousands of miles away can affect you or I. Borders and boundaries, black, red or white, cultures or races, human or sentiment being. We are all connected and if anything comes from COVID it my hope that never again need an pandemic to bring home this reality,

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