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Kitchen pharmacy

Ayurveda looks at the foods we eat as a way to not only nourish ourselves but if we eat according to our constitutions, and use nature as our guide food can also become our medicine,

Spices can be considered hot as in pungent or cooling. Spice adds flavour and many contain wonderful healing properties when taken in the correct formulations,

Gently roasting brings out the flavour and when done together with ghee can carry those medicinal properties deeper into the tissues.

Spices should be kept in a dark glass container in the cupboard space without access to moisture or light and not over any direct heat source like a stove,

Spices gently rubbed between the fingers and palm should release an instantaneous aroma of the spice . There should also be a vibrancy of color and if neither of this are evident it is time to replace with a new organic version.

This fall we will explore the 6 tastes of spice, their properties , pre and post digestive actions and how we can incorporate them into our own healing pharmacy. If salt and pepper are your idea of spice perhaps it is time to expand your boundaries.

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