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What can your tongue reveal?

What if I told you I can tell a lot about the state of your digestion by just looking at your tongue? The tongue can hold many truths about the state of our health. Each of the three constitutions can present themselves simply in the shape of the tongue. Part of a daily Ayurvedic routine includes looking after this very organ. Tongue scrapping in the morning can reveal our state of digestion. Ama , which is likened to a white sticky cheesy substance shows up after a night of digesting. That late night snack can reveal itself in the morning as gunk that builds up. Our mouth is one of the first stages of digestion. Chronic dehydration, malabsorption, even stress can be detected by colour changes and lines and divots. The tongue can also show the improvement in lifestyle choices in as little as 3-5 days.. Pretty neat for such an under appreciated organ.

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